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Join TADHack Global 2017

Come join the global community focused on telecom application development. Discover the latest ways to add telecommunications to your application, service or business to solve global and / or local problems that matter to you.

 TADHack Global 2017 on 22 thru 24 September

TADHack is the only global meeting place for people (hackers, hustlers and hipsters: developers, business-types, and designers) who want to learn, share, code and create using the tools and technologies available in telecommunications.

TADHack Global will run in parallel across 30+ cities around the world. To win prizes is simple: create hacks using the global sponsors’ resources. We also have some development themes this year to encourage hacks in particular topics, such as BOTs, AI, IoT, Enterprise Communications, edge computing, and open source contributions.

See more at TADHack Global 2017.


Bijou Consulting is proud sponsor of TADHack Global 2017 - The Hague.


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Bijou Consulting werkt graag samen met anderen om nieuwe ideëen te realiseren. Wij delen daarvoor onze kennis en ervaring. Bijou is o.a. mede-initiator van de onderstaande activiteiten.


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